Welcome to the world of Heartswell Harbour! This series of five lighthearted romance novels are all set in Heartswell Harbour, a fictional town on the coast of Nova Scotia, Canada. Written by Libby Broadbent, under the pen name Mavis Williams, the novels are fun happily-ever-after stories of interesting women triumphing over adversity to find true love!

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Libby, writing as Mavis Williams

Four kids, one wiener dog and an affinity for alliteration! Mavis Williams writes from her empty nest in Nova Scotia, Canada, where she tries to encourage her characters to just get over themselves, already! Men are impossible creatures, but we love ’em. And women? No one understands women, least of all themselves. Mavis’ greatest hope is that her readers see their own foibles in her novels, and have a chuckle when they recognize the dilemmas faced by her characters.

Love on the Rocks

Guilt, grief and a gallivanting goat. No wonder Lucy is hiding in the bottom of a whiskey bottle. After buying an old schoolhouse for a dollar, housing a goat in the music room and hiding booze in the girls washroom, Lucy still can’t face the ghost of her dead fiancé.

Whom she killed.

Hence the whiskey.

Constable Dorian Wells has enough on his plate protecting his six-year-old niece from her mother’s addiction, so why does he feel compelled to help the drunk teacher who seems to have no problem waking up with a chicken in her bed? Especially when she digs holes with her bare hands in the soccer field, refuses to get up before noon and seems determined to wallow in despair? 

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This is a fantastic, humorous contemporary romance. I loved this book and could not put it down. The characters are so alive, flawed but filled with great personality. The dialogue is simply hilarious yet at time serious. This story touches your heart as the characters need to make the decision to find happiness by dealing with and overcoming their fears guilt, and insecurities… the story is easy to read, the romance is touching and the writing superb. One of the best books I have read this year.

Love by Design

An annoying aunt, plus a fastidious father… equals matchmaking mishaps!

Robin’s exasperating Great Aunt Rosalee is determined to be helpful, whether Robin wants her to be or not. Landing an interior design contract with the law firm, Proxly and Son, means Robin can support herself and her three-year-old daughter doing work she loves, but life would just be so much easier if Auntie would stop breezing in with unwanted advice about how to do laundry. The last thing Robin is looking for is the distraction of romance for herself… but what about Auntie?

Hudson Proxly’s father Bernard is incapable of giving Hudson control of his own clients, even though their law firm is called Proxly and Son. Hudson’s life is restricted by his exacting father and his demanding fiancée, but his guilt over the death of his mother prevents him from standing up for himself. The last thing Hudson wants is another woman in his life… but what about his dad?

The plan? Get Rosalee and Bernard to fall in love, distracting them from their doting interference. The outcome? Love doesn’t follow a design, and you know what they say about the best laid plans…

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐A Heartswell Harbour Romance is a charming story about Robin and Hudson turning the tables on the interfering but well-meaning busybodies in their lives. This is a well-written story, with humour, drama galore, and a sweet romance. I really enjoyed reading this wonderful story.

Love, Interrupted

Four women, and old barn, a shocking history. How many generations can pass before a secret must be told?

Newly widowed and unemployed, with a fifteen-year-old daughter whose only wish is to live at the mall, Erin has nothing left to lose. In desperation, and much against Cass’s wishes, the two drive across Canada in a rusty camper van loaded with a stinky weiner dog, a box of stale Mars bars and Erin’s childhood dream of renovating an old barn into a pub.

Olive, Erin’s difficult grandmother, offers a home, security and a future in Heartswell Harbour, Nova Scotia, but the old homestead where Erin grew up holds dark secrets within its walls and the memory of a young girl who looks just like Cass. A memory who cannot follow Olive to her grave in silence.

Will Cass’s determination to find the answers set them free, or send them all up in flames?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐This story has it all. Adventure, heartbreak, happiness and humour. I highly recommend this book, along with the others in the Heartswell Harbour series. These books have given me something to look forward to at the end of a long day.

Love Like the Dickens

Kiss a perfect stranger? Audition for a play? Seriously? A dead sister shouldn’t run the show, even if you’ve promised to follow her rules.

Agnes is a librarian, not a thespian! What was Savannah thinking—first by dying, and second by leaving an unruly Bucket List that Agnes promised to fulfill? Yet here she is, in Heartswell Harbour, auditioning for Dicken’s “A Christmas Carol” like it’s a good idea.

And what’s she going to do with Sexy Nick, for goodness sake? Not what her sister hoped she would do, that’s for sure! Not when Oscar, the tall older man from the bookshop, fuels her romantic fantasies with his bearded literary-hero sexiness. Even though he’s twelve years older than her, and about to be a grandfather.

Go big or stay home.

That was Savannah’s motto. Will Agnes be able to live up to it?

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐I loved this story. Some Christmas stories are a little boring, the writers trying just to spit something Christmassy out. But this one was really heartfelt, with great characters, some wonderful, some maddening; I loved everything about it.

Legally in Love

Zoe’s trust fund is restricted by her controlling mother, but without it, Zoe can’t buy the restored Lighthouse where she hopes to fulfill her dream of running her own yoga studio.

The condition? Get married before she turns thirty.

After the death of his wealthy grandfather, Blake’s ex-wife is determined to sink her teeth back into his finances… and him!

Luckily, a tricky little clause in their divorce offers deliverance from her claims to his assets. The condition? Get remarried.

Zoe has already been left at the altar by an opportunistic fiancé. Blake is convinced women are only interested in his wealth.

Marrying for money confirms everything they believe about love… or does it?